Server Pages vs. SPA

Server Pages vs. Single Page Applications (SPA)

I basically made this site to demonstrate why Server Pages style technology is stupid (and by extension, as is Microsoft because they keep peer pressuring stacks into adopting this web design architecture...)

I made the exact same store catalog twice (skip to the bottom and click one of the two links to see each catalog).

Once using a goofy server pages approach with the not-so-goofy Bootstrap CSS framework

The server pages are so goofy I made my own templating language flavor called ".gabriHTML" with opening tags {g: and closing tags :g}

And another time using Vue.js and Vuetify

The SPA uses one REST endpoint and one page

There is no front-end logic or data on the server.. the server knows nothing about the user's UI/UX

The Server pages use two endpoints (that return two different webpages...), and the back-end carries the state for the pagination UI component (which is on the front end)

Also ask yourself: How would I turn the pagination on the server-pages into a well-encapsulated reusable UI component? (You will struggle pondering this)

Yeah, but you probably made the Server Pages ugly on purpose

Believe it or not I actually spent 2 hours just doing the back-end (well.. front-e... well you know, the freaking server pages) for the Server Pages.

The only extra time I spent was on the SPA, making it responsive (because you know how fun playing with CSS flex/grids is...); I spent about a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes on it.

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy: